phaith band

The long-lived metal band in Cortina d'Ampezzo was born in December 2000.
Two former Shockwave musicians (Giovanni Constantini, drummer, and Valerio Menardi, guitarist) together with two cousins (Stefano Salvagni, bass player, and Alessandro Manaigo, lead voice) decided to shake all the mountains around the Queen of the Dolomites.

At the beginning their hard rock songs were strongly influenced by 70's rock music and 80's metal universe. Giovanni Constantini attempted for a while to play guitar leaving Andrea Gaspari as drummer.

After few months Giovanni changed his mind and went back behind his drum set; after some live concerts, in 2003 Matteo Magri joined the band as 2nd guitarist.
Thanks to him Phaith's sound became richer and heavier, moving step by step closer to Judas Priest's classic heavy metal style.


In 2005 Phaith recorded their first EP called “Metaphora” and in the same year they joined the “Badia Rocks” International Heavy Metal Festival sharing the stage with Atrocity and Doro.

A big change marked 2007: Valerio Menardi quit the band and Gianluca Magri took his place as lead guitar.

Right away they produced a new demo in their personal studio called “Suckhell Studios” and they performed again at Badia Rocks opening White Skull, Primal Fear and Rage live performances.

Tens of live concerts, the effort of rising through the ranks, and an acoustic digression brought them to record their first official bootleg called “Shamplooged”.

Finally in 2009 the real turning point in Phaith's sound: even if they kept loving classic metal sound, they shifted to a much more aggressive and intense heavy metal, both in their sound and lyrics.

After 10 years, in 2011 “Redrumorder” came out as first official Phaith's full lenght album: this record is full of deep meanings, anger and movie quotations. This is a solid example of modern metal, full of different influences.

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